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Name:Fandom Prompts
Location:Missouri, United States of America
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Community description:Where Writers and Artists can find inspiration

Welcome to Fandom Prompts!

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In this community, a writer and artist can find prompts that may provide inspiration in whatever they are trying to do. All fandoms are welcome and appreciated!

A writer and artist can also add an original character or genderbend a character into these genres without any fear. This community welcomes these characters with open arms!

Slash and femslash are welcome; just PM if you have questions about anything else.

Taking a cue from communities from all over, this is a non-pressure community. There is no time limit for writers, so don't feel pressured to finish quickly.

There is no limit on how many people can have a certain character, pairing, or fandom. Everyone has their own version, so the more the merrier!

Some basic rules (I'll have a post up with more later):

1.) No Plagiarism: If I get a complaint or I see it, you are banned and your fics will be removed and I will report you. SO DON'T DO IT!!!!

2.) When posting, please put in the subject line the title of your story as well as the rating.

3.) As for the header, use the following example or a variation of it:

Characters/Pairings: *Optional*
Spoilers: *Optional*
Author’s notes: *Optional*

and for art:

Characters/Pairings: *Optional*
Spoilers: *Optional*

4.) No Flaming: We are here to help and appreciate other people's work. I will not be nice to flamers. I will abide with constructive critics as long as it's pointing out stuff like spelling or grammar.

5.) Please warn if the story you are going to post is explicit. Respect and use the rating system!

6.) Fake cuts are required. It will save on loading time.

7.) Do not use other people's works and characters without permission (which is technically plagiarism, but I decided to reiterate here). Just ask them politely and they may let you.

I hold the right to update rules whenever needed.

Just post or link them here when you finish a prompt!


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